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Report: Apple is looking at five different prototype versions of the Apple iPhone 7

The next iteration of the Apple iPhone is expected to be called the Apple iPhone 7, coming after the odd-year “s” version of the Apple iPhone 6. If everything goes according to plan, Apple will be making some design changes and adding new features to its iconic smartphone. Just in case you’ve been in a coma for the last few years, the Apple iPhone 3GS was followed by a new design for the Apple iPhone 4. While the Apple iPhone 4s introduced Siri, the next year’s Apple iPhone 5 came with a larger 4-inch screen. The iPhone 6 brought a new look for the phone, and a larger 4.7-inch screen; at the same time, the 5.5-inch Apple iPhone 6 Plus phablet was launched.

A report today states that Apple is looking at five different prototypes of the iPhone 7, while testing various features on them. Some of the technology being looked at by Apple includes a USB-Type C port that supports headsets, wireless charging capabilities, a fingerprint scanner embedded in the phone’s display, multi-Force Touch, and a dual camera set-up presumably for the rear of the device. The report adds that Apple is also experimenting with an AMOLED screen, even though such a change might not occur until 2019 at the earliest. 

Which of these new features, if any of them, will we see in the Apple iPhone 7? Considering that it has been less than three months since the Apple iPhone 6s and Apple iPhone 6s Plus were launched, there is a long way to go before we find out for sure. So far, there has been a rumor stating that the iPhone 7 will be waterproof, while another report said that Apple will remove the 3.5mm earphone jack in order to make the iPhone 7 thinner. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has one of the best records when it comes to leaking information about Apple, says that the Apple iPhone 7 will come with a 4.7-inch screen and 2GB of RAM. The Apple iPhone 7 Plus will offer a 5.5-inch screen and will sport 3GB of RAM. Both models will be powered by the Apple A10 chip.

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Piers Morgan stars in new ad for the BlackBerry Passport

Piers Morgan has had an interesting and varied career.  While he has been a judge on America’s Got Talent and the host of a nightly show on CNN, he actually got his start in print, writing for British tabloids. Morgan alludes to his days as a print journalist in a new ad just released by BlackBerry for the BlackBerry Passport.

In the ad, Morgan talks about the Passport’s screen as being big enough for him to “craft a column.” He actually is talking about the wide screen on the device, which measures 4.5-inches and carries a 1440 x 1440 resolution. Morgan discusses his ability to get an instant response from those reading something he’s just pounded out, and calls that “power.” He adds that “the whole world is coming to me through my Passport.” The journalist says he considers the Passport to be his office, specifically pointing out the BlackBerry Hub feature.

Some of you might be surprised to see BlackBerry continue to push the Passport in light of the recent launch of the Android flavored BlackBerry Priv. But as the 60-second ad reminds us, there always will be a market for the phone from those who rely on the wide display, and the outstanding physical QWERTY keyboard. Journalists, writers and businessmen in the field are good examples of those who might benefit from having the BlackBerry Passport in their hands.

source: BlackBerry

Oppo A53 unveiled with SD-616 SoC inside

Today, Oppo officially announced the A53. Earlier this month, the phone was certified by TENAA, which is often the last step before a new phone is introduced. The handset features a 5.5-inch display with a 1080 x 1920 resolution. Under the hood you’ll find the Snapdragon 616 SoC containing an octa-core 1.5GHz CPU and the Adreno 405 GPU. 2GB of RAM is inside along with 16GB of native storage. A 128GB capacity microSD slot is available for those seeking additional memory.

On the back of the Oppo A53 is a 13MP snapper, with a 5MP camera in front to handle selfies and video chats. Oppo says that the 3075mAh battery that powers the phone, will provide up to 300 hours on standby. VOCC rapid charging capabilities combine with the 5V/2A adapter that is included in the box. Android 5.1 is pre-installed, with ColorOS 2.1 on top.

The unit supports 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS/A-GPS, and MicroUSB 2.0 connectivity. It also comes with a hybrid dualSIM slot and has a magnesium alloy build.

Oppo didn’t reveal the pricing or availability for the Oppo A53, so we still need to be on the lookout for that information.

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source: Oppo (translated) via PhoneRadar

The worst tablet known to mankind has to be seen to be believed, but beware, you’ll never un-see it!

It’s almost 2016 already, and we live in a world where competition is cut-throat and consumer technology has very much peaked. Thanks to this, one expects even cheap hardware these days to be decent, if not outright awesome. Yet, every once in a while, we still come upon a piece of technology whose level of in-your-face awfulness is straight up baffling!

One such device that stands out like a sore thumb among the crowd of perfectly adequate, low cost tablet computers, is the technological abomination called the Esinomed Infoview Medical Tablet Computer. This barrell bottom of design elegance and electrical engineering is designed for use in hospitals, displaying medical data about patients to doctors and nurses. All is fine and well on the outside, but tearing down this beast unravels a maze of technological torment before us.

Above all, the tablet looks not like a finished, shipment-ready product, but more like a hacked together prototype produced in a garage. Yes, this is how Apple and other technological greats started down in the Valley, after all! But compared to the efficient, miniaturized elegance of an iPad’s insides — or heck, any modest, no-name tablet’s build — this right here is an incident in the waiting!

The battery pack living inside this thing is a literal pack of rechargeable AA batteries, soldered and taped together into an amalgam of electricity and regret.

The journey through this mess starts with the first eye-poking detail, a hand-etched board for the power supply. Was someone in a hurry, or overly eager for DIY experience? For better or worse, we’ll never know. Moving on, we get to an off-the-shelf embedded PC mainboard, based upon an 800MHz AMD Geode NX800LX Nano-ITX Motherboard. This is about the only adequate component ticking inside this Windows XP-running time bomb, and it gets progressively darker from here on.

Sifting past some chopped off wires, EEVblog’s David Jones points out that the case holding this thing together seems to be made of plywood or other unsightly material, only to pull off a controller board that has a USB cable soldered right onto it, just like that. The board is stuck to the bottom with double-sided adhesive tape…

Yes, double-sided adhesive tape.

And then, we have the power supply’s output soldered directly to the mainboard. What is it that supplies the power, though? You don’t want to know the answer, but we’ll give it to you anyway. The battery pack living inside this thing is a literal pack of rechargeable AA batteries, soldered and taped together into an amalgam of regret and electricity. Mind you, there aren’t even sockets between the batteries — they are directly soldered to each other, connected with whatever wires were floating around the shop.

We rest our case here and sign off with the disturbing knowledge that there are at least 11 units of the Esinomed “What The Heck” Computer in existence, and some of them could even be in operation some place, somewhere. See the gruesome photos and video below yourself, if you can handle them!

source: EEVblog

Cyber Monday deals: smartphones, smartwatches, accessories

Cyber Monday deals: smartphones, smartwatches, accessories

So, you survived Black Friday and still have some cash to spend on some gadgets? Well, thankfully, there is this fairly new tradition among online retailers, called “Cyber Monday”. It’s on the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday and it is sort of like a “second Black Friday” for online shoppers, with the same amount of promotional prices and bargain offers, enticing us to reach for the credit card one more time.

It’s a jungle out there – the Internet if brim-filled with amazing discounts and one may just go crazy if they try to find them all. We are not even going to pretend that we can, but here, we’ve sorted and packed some of the best deals on smartphones, wearables, or accessories that we came across. Perfect time to shop around for a gift for a loved one, or just from you to you (that’s the best kind of gift, right?).