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Snapchat turns over information on 700 employees after getting phished

It’s one thing for the average Joe to get phished; it’s another when a tech savvy corporation is tricked into handing over information about 700 employees. Messaging app Snapchat, valued last year at $16 to $19 billion based on funding rounds, was the target of an elaborate hoax and a criminal action.

On Friday, someone sent an online message to Snapchat’s accounting department requesting information on employees on behalf of CEO Evan Spiegel. And an employee actually sent out this information to a faceless, nameless person on the other side of the internet connection. And it only was after the information was sent that the employee decided that she had better double-check this request with Spiegel himself. Luckily, no private data was involved, and it was determined Snapchat was not under any more “attacks.”

Snapchat ended up sending out a letter to affected employees, offering them two free years of identity-theft insurance and monitoring. Employees will be re-trained to prevent this from happening in the future. Let this be a lesson to to you. If you get a request that is out of the ordinary, double-check it first before complying with it.

source: Snapchat via SlashGear

Need to make a Pit Stop while navigating to a destination? Google Maps for iOS has you covered

Whether you need to avail yourself of a bathroom quickly, or you are close to running out of gas, making a last second pit stop in an area you are not familiar with can be stressful. But an update to Google Maps for iOS can help you whether nature is calling, or your car’s fuel gauge is on “E.” In the past, you would have had to exit navigation mode, ask Google Maps to show you the way to the nearest service station, and when done, restart the navigation to the original destination.

In October, Google Maps for Android added a feature that allows users to create detours to their route without having to leave navigation mode. This way, a detour to a service station to empty the bladder or fill the fuel tank wouldn’t require you to exit out of navigation mode and restart the process. Today, that feature has been added to the iOS version of the app. In addition, this “pit stop” feature will now be available in the 100+ countries where Google Maps offers turn-by-turn navigation.

If you have an iOS device running Google Maps, and you’re in navigation mode, tap the magnifying glass in the top right of the screen. A menu will appear with some options like Gas Stations, Restaurants, Grocery Stores and Coffee Shops. If your detour is for something else, you can use the search option to find the necessary detour. When you click on one of the results, you will see estimated arrival times for each location. This way, you can find which Starbucks is the closest. And all of this is available without being forced to exit navigation mode.

This means that Google Maps reduces stress levels for iOS and Android users who need to make a quick, but temporary, change in plans.

source: Google via MacRumors

Spotlight: Speedify for Android lets you combine Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connections for blazing Internet speeds

Want to get the fast Internet experience possible on your device? Here’s an app made to deliver the good stuff! Speedify is a new kind of VPN app that lets you combine Wi-Fi and a 3G/4G data connection to obtain a fast, unbreakable Internet connection no matter what. The application can intelligently give you seamless Internet as you go about your day, and a welcome speed boost in times when you really need it.

Coming with 1GB of free traffic every month, Speedify bonds your Wi-Fi and mobile data networks at just the tap of a button, letting you enjoy blazing-fast HD video streaming, uploads, downloads, and web browsing. The seamless hand-off between different networks makes sure that your music, podcasts, videos, and other streaming media don’t spontaneously lose connectivity. The app developers provide access to Speedify’s global network of speed servers across five continents, and made the app easy to use, with a novel interface.

Examples of using Speedify include combining all of your internet connections under one IP address, splitting a Netflix stream between two Internet connections for a higher resolution and faster buffering, and navigating firewalls without fiddling with port forwarding.

Although Speedify can be tried for free, it has a subscription payment system. Your payments are charged to your Google Play account when your monthly or yearly plan renews.

Xiaomi racked up near 17 million registrations for tomorrow’s Mi 5 flash sale


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What phone is this? The S4 you’re talking about?

First off, as far as apps restarting, only certain ones do. The ones built into the phones firmware/stock apps, typically don’t restart.

But the 3rd party ones are hit or miss. But so what if they do?! Not a deal breaker for me.

Also, I can open 100 apps on my Note and the only ones that will restart will eb the same ones that will even with no apps open, which means you are wrong in your 6 app claim.

After all, your device already likely has at least 10 apps already running in the background.

NASCAR universal comes to Mobile

Published by at 16:47 UTC, February 29th 2016

The official NASCAR application/companion is the latest universal application to hit Windows 10 Mobile, with a sensible mix of free and premium features, right up to listening to driver and official audio feeds. Pretty impressive and it would be cool to have all this for F1 too!

From the Store description:

Follow the excitement of the 2016 season with the Official App of NASCAR. NASCAR for Windows 10 provides a comprehensive user experience in a customizable format. Follow your favorite driver with targeted news, video and social content. Get access to the live leaderboard, in-car cameras and driver audio during live races. And with Windows 10’s unique split-screen function, you’re always one touch away from purchasing tickets or checking your fantasy lineup.

Free Features:

  • Live Race Leaderboards for all NASCAR Series
  • Lap by Lap commentary
  • Real time News, Video and Social Media 
  • Complete Schedule, Standings and Manufacturer Standings

Premium Live Features (Subscription Required):

  • Live Premium Leaderboard – Premium Leaderboard with exclusive data points
  • Live Driver Audio – Listen to the In-Race strategy between Drivers, Crew Chiefs and Spotters – Exclusive to Sprint Cup Series and XFINITY Series races
  • Live In-Car Cameras  – Follow the action from the driver seat with Live In-Car cameras – Exclusive to NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races only
  • Live Broadcast Radio & Officials Radio – Listen to the official NASCAR radio for every race of the season – NASCAR Officials Radio is available for all Sprint Cup Series races

So a good mix of free and premium features then. We won’t worry too much about the latter being in dollars since presumably you’d have some USA interest or location if you were interested in NASCAR in the first place.

Some screens of NASCAR in action on Windows 10 Mobile:


You can grab the application in the Store here.

Source / Credit: Store